Thank you so much for joining us and participating in DHIP2023!

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Winners of student award in DHIP2023

    P1 José Reinaldo Cunha Santos A. V. Silva Neto, Tomoya Nakamura, Yasushi Makihara, and Yasushi Yagi
    "Optimized Radial Coded Mask for Extended Depth-of-Field Lensless Imaging"

    P5 Hodaka Kawachi, Tomoya Nakamura, Kazuya Iwata, Yasushi Makihara, and Yasushi Yagi
    "Depth Regularization and Diffraction Grating-Based Super-Resolution in Indirect Time-of-Flight Imaging"

    P16 Sahar Kheibarihafshejani, and Jae-Hyeung Park
    "Time multiplexing multi-view display using slit mirror array
    and light emitting diode illuminated digital micromirror device"

    P24 Myeonggyu Choi, and Hwi Kim
    "Fourier Ptychographic Algorithm Based on Stochastic Gradient Descent Method
    for Optimal Synthesis of Computer-generated Holograms "

Access to Beppu

    Conference Venue

    Access to Beppu

      By air plane
      The nearest airports to your destination are Fukuoka Airport and Oita Airport. Fukuoka Airport is approximately 135 minutes away from Haneda Airport and about 75 minutes from Osaka (Itami) Airport. Oita Airport is approximately 90 minutes from Haneda Airport and about 60 minutes from Osaka (Itami) Airport.
      You can reach it from Fukuoka Airport by bus in about 140 minutes, and from Oita Airport, it takes approximately 47 minutes by bus.

      By train
      You should go to Kokura station by using Shinkansen (bullet train). From Kokura station, you can take the JR (Japan Railways) train and will arrive at Beppu Station in approximately 80 minutes.

    Welcome party

      Date: 18:00-, December 17, 2023
      Adress: 5-17 Chuomachi, Beppu-shi, Oita 874-0936
      Tel: +81-977-22-3301


      Date: 18:00-, December 19, 2023
      Place: Sankana-yo, Dojo, Beppu Station East Exit Branch
      Adress: Nagai Building 1/2F, 1-2-13 Kitahama, Beppushi, Oita, 874-0920
      Tel: +81-911-27-5110


      Date: 14:00-17:00, December 19, 2023
      Contents: Hot spring tour A/B